Through her company Just Imagine, Brenda Kress brings together her years of experience working with charities and nonprofit trade organizations with her training in contemplation and mindful engagement.  After completing a two-year practicum in Contemplative Dialogue (a program of the Centre for Contemplative Dialogue) and training as a Dynamic Dialogue mentor her deep desire became to talk about the important things in life with the understanding we each hold our own values as to what is important.  Working with groups to bring compassion more fully into teams and leadership as well as mentoring people one-on-one to explore their own assumptions and beliefs is what Just Imagine is now focused on.  Her greatest desire is to provide space and opportunities for people to be able to talk about death, so that each day can be lived more fully now!



An experienced marketer and event producer with 20 years’ experience in business development in healthcare, wealth management, and senior care, Karen has produced numerous events for global audiences and major brands.

Her proactive leadership style and positive outlook have served her well in her professional and charitable endeavors, with a special proclivity for building long-term relationships and strategic partnerships in luxury, wellness, and education. With a personal passion for community and philanthropy, Karen has created, founded, and lead professional networking events in the Sacramento region for female founders and community leaders for the past five years, including Empower Hour, now in 3 regional markets; and the Compassionate Living and Dying Symposium. She is currently working with Home Helpers.



Owner of Mirth to Earth and Compassion Central in Carmichael. She is the cofounder of Compassionate Capital Region, an Ambassador the Charter for Compassion Women and Girls, and steward of the Red Tent here in the Sacramento area. A Conscious Touch Educator and VP of Healing Hands Healing Hearts, founding their Alfred J Goularte Veterans Care Program in honor of her father. Her work with A Therapeutic Alternative includes Healing Yourself Naturally and their Compassion Program. Joan was a coordinator of the United Nations International Day of Peace from 2011 - 2015 and Produced the launch of InterDependence Day Event in 2017. Joan is also an artist, mother and grandmother, in private practice as a massage practitioner since 1990.