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An Introduction to Compassionate Living & Dying 10:00AM

The production team: Joan Marie, Karen J Wood and Brenda Kress

Peaceful Heart. Peaceful Mind.

We start our symposium with a self-care exercise to give you the opportunity to take a breath, be at ease and be open to what you wish to learn and to the new connections and friendships the day has in store for you.

Laura Hansen, Chill Sacramento, Board President.

Life’s Creative Dance
Each day we live is another day to dance with life and thus dance with death. We all know we will die yet how many of us USE that knowledge to create a life worth living and thus a death worth celebrating? Through this talk, we will redefine life and its priorities leading to a fuller, more meaningful and compassionate life.

Alua Arthur, Going with Grace, Death Doula

Introduction to Compassion Circles

It is important to give ourselves time and sacred space to talk and process; it is an act of self compassion. Compassion Stewards will create the space needed for these as attendees have the opportunity to process and share.

Joan Marie, Compassion Central/Enter the Orchid

Compassion Circle 

A question will be presented and attendees will have an opportunity to explore their reaction, thoughts and feelings to it.

Compassion Stewards

Setting the Standard in Hospice Training 

Volunteers are an important member of a hospice care team. The Sacramento Hospice Consortium will share the formula they use to prepare volunteers for service.

Sacramento Hospice Consortium, is an independent, non-profit corporation that consists of the five nonprofit Medicare-certified hospices in the Greater Sacramento Area.

Hospice for the Homeless

An Introduction to Joshua's House and how it came to be one of the few of its kind in the country.

Marlene M. von Friederichs- Fitzwater, MA, Ph.D., MPH, Founder of Joshua's House

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The Power of Compassion: Living in Love so You Don't Live in Fear 

Life is made up of individual moments. Every moment we live with an open heart and an open mind, we shape a healthier and more fulfilling future. Be inspired by what is possible for yourself and the world when you engage in compassionate living.

Laura Hansen, Chill Sacramento, Board President

Compassion Circle

A question will be presented and attendees will have an opportunity to explore their reaction, thoughts and feelings to it.

Compassion Stewards

Experience the gentle acceptance of grief, gratitude and grace through your body. 

You will be guided through gentle movements as a way to let go of pain and allow emotions to flow.

Brenda Gustin, Union With a Heart

Starting the Conversation: Talking about death doesn't make it happen! 

The more comfortable we become in talking about death and dying, the better the chances are that we can experience a good death.

Brenda Kress, Just Imagine

The Power of Conscious Touch

Learn about the healing power of touch in being with those who are in pain or at the end of their life.

Joan Marie, Compassion Central/Enter the Orchid, Healing Hands Healing Hearts

Ask the Doula! 

A Q&A session with Alua

Alua Arthur, Going with Grace

The Power of Music to Heal

Music can play such an important role with patients, as well as in the bereavement process. Complete the day with an experience of beautifully soothing music.

David Deerfeeder, Bereavement Support Manager, Yolo Hospice

Closing: Moving Forward
Thank you for attending and this is where we go from here!

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